immersionVR reader 2.0 update: support for kindle formatted books coming soon...


immersionVR comix is a Comic and Graphic Novel reader for VR


Enjoy reading in Virtual Reality

immersionVR comix is a comic reader designed for Virtual Reality.

immersionVR comix allows you to read comics or graphic novels in one of many virtual environments.


immersionVR comix provides immersive hands free reading
Gaze control of paging, theme, comic and music selection, as well all available controls.
The controller can be used for multiple actions if you prefer. 


  • Fifteen different virtual reading environments, some with ambient background sounds and/or minimal music
  • Support for cbr, cbz and pdf formatted comics or graphic novels 
  • A sortable graphical library of your content
  • Full hands free controls (3DOF controllers are supported as well)
  • The ability to play your own music in the background
  • Controls available to zoom, recline and control audio 
  • Support for right to left reading of manga


immersionVR comix available on Samsung GearVR and Oculus Go


immersionVR comix now available on Pico Goblin and Pico Neo VR

Comics and Graphic Novels in Virtual Reality


Support for both single and double page.

CBR, CBZ and PDF formats supported.


A graphical library that holds all your comics and graphical novels. Sort by name or most recent. Import single or multiple items.

Set reading direction.

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immersionVR comix version 5