immersionVR reader update - supports PDF, comics & audiobooks & many extra features

Samsung GearVR & Oculus Go

immersionVR reader

immersionVR reader is a media reader designed specifically for the world of Virtual Reality.

Samsung GearVR & Oculus Go

immersionVR reader for Virtual Reality

immersionVR reader

Immersive hands free reading - everything controlled by your gaze 

including paging, book and theme selection as well all available controls. 

Optional support for 3DOF controllers if you prefer.

Supports DRM free EPUB and PDF formatted books, MP3 AudioBooks and CBR and CBZ formatted comics and graphic novels 

Where do you like reading?

immersionVR reader provides multiple immersive reading environments. Themes are available that provide background ambient sound or minimal music related to the environment which can be muted as required. 

Switch between the provided photorealistic and virtual background themes.


Perhaps you prefer to read with your own background music or in a location related to the book you are reading or some location that is special to you? 

User customization of the background imagery and audio is now available within immersionVR reader.

Where are they again?

Can't quite remember where the Misty Mountains 

or King's Landing are... just check the map.

Quickly view and hide maps and images from the book you are reading.

Available Controls

  • Paging
  • Book zoom
  • Reclining view
  • Dynamic links
  • Book font selection
  • Day/Night layout
  • Customisation
  • Audio

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Version 1.0 of immersionVR